simple expressions make big impressions
Being constantly on the move, it’s so easy to click together an email, a text, a post or an IM. But when you take the time to handwrite a thank you or drop a hello in the mail, it makes a big impression! It always has. With our uber-convenient communication, it is even truer today.

For many of us, the best greeting cards are found when not looking for them. They are random, poignant or funny, and they say exactly what we never knew we wanted to say to someone. We devote an entire drawer to these gems and keep them for just the right moments.

A Simple Focus greeting cards are designed to be that gem of a find for you. They are sometimes funny, other times poignant, always short and sweet. Whether your wish is for a “happy birthday,” a “congratulations,” or an “I love you,” they aim to help you express just what you want to say, simply. Of course it's your own handwritten addition that will ultimately leave that big impression.

A Simple Focus Greeting Cards
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